Szymon Kita

My car, Ziggy Cardust, is an adorable Honda Civic who enjoys long drives to the beach. But Ziggy will one day be obsolete, living in a car musuem or an eccentric person’s private collection. She’s not the car of the future. So, who is?

Ziggy in Elk, California

I had a lot of time to see a LOT of cars and think about things on a ~1500 mile solo drive with Ziggy recently. Here are some of my predictions about the car of the future. I believe she will be clean, connected, cautious, conscientious, and customizable.


In case you think the Teslas of the world are a fad, you are just wrong. The car of the future will run on electricity, magnetic fields, the sun, the moon, the wind, nuclear energy, your dog’s aura — anything but fossil fuel! Drink up while you can, Ziggy.


The car of the future will truly be connected.


When they’re all going to be so smart, who needs traffic lights and rules anyways?


She’s going to be so thoughtful, you’re going to be surprised!


We all look different, have our own personal style, and decorate our homes uniquely. So why do our cars, an integral part of our overall self-expression, look the same? I hope my car of the future will not look like yours.

The car of the future will probably be much more, and I’m excited to meet her whenever she’s ready!

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